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The Wave of Brooksville is a premier outpatient partial hospitalization program treatment center for women facing mental and behavioral challenges.

What’s more precious than time? Its value cannot be understated. Time isn’t just fleeting, it’s irreplaceable. Once spent, you can never get it back. Time allows you to love, laugh, build relationships, chase goals and embrace the love and beauty around you.
However, untreated pain destroys any desire to do any of these things, it makes the beautiful and inspirational difficult to recognize and impossible to enjoy.
Untreated pain tames love, makes it moot, steals its joy and pleasure. Untreated pain turns life on its head, turns tomorrow into a day you dread. If not treated, pain can even make you FEAR another day or even a minute of life.

Treat it. Beat it. You CAN make that change at any time, but you need to find the right place and the right program.

The WAVE International, an AHCA-licensed treatment facility, promotes a personal empowerment-based approach to life that develops individual potential, the one true gateway to health, happiness, and opportunity.

Outpatient Treatment Programs at The Wave

What is PHP?

Our day program focuses on clients with mental health disorders that do not require overnight or 24-hour care but still experience difficulty in their lives because of their mental health symptoms. These programs are Monday – Friday.

We Treat




Emotional and Physical Abuse

Postpartum Depression


Body Issues

Many other mental and behavoiral chanllenges

What to Expect

Day Programs at The Wave of Brooksville 

When in PHP, you will experience programming that consists of individual and group therapies developed to address issues identified in your individual treatment plan. 

You will receive at least 25 hours a week of clinical care presenting evidence-based interventions by skilled clinicians. 

You will participate in various holistic healing methods, including yoga, art therapy, massage, expressive arts therapy, breath work, meditation, and fitness classes. You will also have access to all property amenities. You will be able to participate in family counseling if recommended by your primary therapist. 

Discharge preparation may include referral to a lower level of care following the completion of PHP. From there, you will be on your way to the healthier, happier life YOU DESERVE! 

Ready To

Our admissions process is used to ensure a good fit between the services we offer and the requirements and goals of our clients.



The Wave of Brooksville is a beautiful facility located on 10 acres of land designed specifically for healing.

The Wave of Brooksville 7300 Grove Rd, Brooksville, FL 34613

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