TWI Nights

The Wave of Brooksville offer treatment on your time. Come join us after a stressful day and take time to restore your inner peace.

Spend Your Evenings Healing

Imagine coming home from work with a negative mindset. You just had a stressful day, and the only thing you want to do is play a TV show and not let anybody bother you.
So you don’t speak to your family, or worse, you get angry when they try to communicate with you.
This does not happen in an ideal world, but unfortunately, there is no such thing as perfect or ideal.
We ought to learn how to deal with the demons in our heads and not allow any stress coming from outside to disturb our inner peace.
For this, we created the outpatient program where you can do your daily activities, like going to work, taking care of your family, and then, in the evening, coming to our facility to take care of your mind.

Get Your Life Back

What can be more precious than time? No one can understate its value. Time isn’t just fleeting; its irreplaceable. Once spent, you can never get it back. Time allows you to love, laugh, build relationships, chase goals and embrace the love and beauty around you. 

However, untreated pain and trauma can destroy the desire to do these things, and make the beautiful and inspirational difficult to recognize and impossible to enjoy. 

Untreated pain tames love, makes it moot, steals its joy and pleasure. Untreated pain turns life on its head, turns tomorrow into a day you dread. If not treated, pain can even make you FEAR another day or even a minute of life. 

Treat it. Beat it. You CAN make that change at any time, but you need to find the right place and the right program. 

You Matter